Yugra State University Rector Tatiana Karminskaya has met YUSU students – the participants of the 2017 World Festival of Youth and Students held in Sochi in October, 14-22.

'Respecting the past, we build the future!' reads the motto of the 2017 WFYS. It is the motto, positive mindset and plenty of valuable information that the YUSU students Alina Alekseeva, Polina Ivanova, Elvira Zakieva and Valeria Kudryavtseva have brought back from the festival. They told rector Karminskaya about the results of their participation and shared some new features that could be applied to university's practices.

"Sochi as a host city brought together over 20,000 active young people across 180 countries. There were many fascinating thematic sites at the venue associated with the running event. Among showcases representing different countries of the world and regions of Russia, one could play an authentic national instrument, be treated with an ethnic cuisine and dance to a traditional music. The open-air Sochi 2014 Olympic Park made room for some active sports sites: basketball, football, tennis and more to meet one's every fancy. Thrillseekers would stick to extreme sports contests in BMX, skateboarding, scootering within the 'Action Everything' section. Every night the main stage were hosting diverse live music concerts featuring jazz, modern and ethnic genres from across the world. However, the most significant is that each festival attendee was granted a great opportunity to meet representatives of many other countries worldwide, learn something new and share information on their place of living in return," YUSU students Alina Alekseeva and Polina Ivanova said.

Being at the 2017 WFYS in Sochi international, guests learned a lot about Ugra, lavishly represented by 85 people. Valeria Kudryavtseva shared her impressions on a conversation with Vipul Soni, a delegate from India.

"Is it really below 50 degrees in winter there? You must be kidding me, I don't believe this! But Russia is a wonderful homeland to such beautiful people. I do like it here. Also, I like mister Putin, he visited our country once. I was standing a few meters next to him, I even have a photo to prove this. I am fond of politics and would like to run for presidency in India some day. Now I am wearing two hats being a student and a journalist," he told me.

The guys did not just have fun during the festival but also attended training classes and met high-profile guests. Thus, YUSU students were lucky to meet Maxim Oreshkin, the Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation. The platform 'Economics for Future Development' discussed global trends that would impact on our future. In particular, Mr. Oreshkin referred to state economies that are switching to urban ones, building an environment for human development and mobility growth, as well as the development of skills to process big data.

The festival participants present at the meeting with rector Karminskaya shared their proposals on how to apply these trends to current practices at YUSU, and wished there was an educational module meant students to meet leaders in economics, banking, business and other industries. Besides, the girls expressed absolute support for the university's innovative approach to implement project-based education and were willing to work on real projects under the supervision of experienced mentors from industries.

English version by Azat Garipov.
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