The Institute of Management and Economics, Yugra State University held a thematic round table called 'Lean Production or Metamorphoses of Processes' on October, 28. The event was attended by the institute's and university's faculty, staff and students.

Business coach, a staff member at Sberbank Roman Tkachenko told all those present about the backbone of lean production, the factors contributing to its creation in the organization and challenges that might emerge when implementing lean-technologies.

A business game was meant to bring into sharp focus the need to improve organizations' performance. Round table participants were split into four teams, with each one to represent a particular bank division. To process every customer's query was the only mission for all the teams. Each teammate was assigned his\her personal role and given guidelines how to complete the task. The teams finished with the performance rate amounted on average to 26% each. Attendees were totally at loss, they had no cooperation, neither they had coherence or team spirit.

The follow-up analysis of the game helped participants elaborate strategies to solve the problem, as well as self-developed techniques making it possible to improve performance efficiency up to 70%.

It is noteworthy that lean production technology is employed in world leading companies, prosperous national enterprises, and is now being actively implemented in Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug-Yugra in line with the mission statement of the 'Lean Region' concept.

English version by Azat Garipov. 
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