Winners of the 2017 Ugra Student of the Year contest Anastasia Mashinist and Algabergen Panaev, students of the Institute of Humanities are preparing for the National Student of the Year Contest Finals.

To note, Algabergen won the 'Volunteer of the Year' award, as Anastasia took the first place in the 'International Student of the Year' nomination.

Anastasia put her self-presentation into verse and treated the jury to the self-made Asian national cuisine – boortsogs and sweet chak-chak. While Algabergen gave away apples to the make-believe afflicted audience and told about the 'Volunteer human world' organization.

"I liked how the event was organized. It was not only about competing, we also had active recreation, played games, etc. My victory became a surprise to me. When they called my name it took my breath away, but that same time I understood I was capable of many things," Anastasia said.

"Guys from Surgut city were supposed to win, I thought. Although the jury decided I impressed them in the last competition called '60 Seconds to Succeed' when I was to tell why I deserve to win the 'Student of the Year' title and managed to pull off a win in the end," Algabergen told after the contest.

The national finals are held in two stages – distant and in presence. For the distant one contestants shall pick one out of three topics to write a thematic essay and submit their portfolio to the organizers.Then the jury chooses 20 best students for each nomination across Russia to host an in-presence stage in Crimea.

English version by Azat Garipov.
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Photo by Anna Vakhonina.