The Student Engineering Department 'Formula Student UGRA' has found a donor for its FANTOM UGRA, the self-designed and now is being developed race car by the Yugra State University students.

Today, the race car is a chassis frame fully engineered and welded by the SED 'FSU' staff. The vehicle has a handmade plastic carcass, with a steering wheel, a drive shaft, a differential gear and other parts to be installed on it.

October 10 is the day when FANTOM was matched with the donor – Suzuki GSX-R 600 sportbike which is going to contribute its 126 HP 4-cylinder liquid-cooled engine featuring 67 Nm running torque. The resetting is performed by the experienced and high-qualified technicians who joined the 'Formula Student UGRA' project from the very first day – YUSU students Sokolovskiys brothers, YUSU alumnus Aleksandr Usmanov and YUSU Department of Construction and Transport Systems' faculty member Aleksandr Kozhedyorov.

"Developing a self-branded vehicle is a thorough and time-consuming job; the guys are going through a trial-and-error method. Some parts were easily and fast engineered, but there are solutions that are being devised for weeks followed by the correct option in the end," Vladimir Nazarov, SED research manager, said. "This was the case of the steering knuckle, the element of the vehicle front suspension. At first, the engineers designed a device, but after putting it through the simulation test, they realized the device did not fit in our race car system. It took a long time for them to puzzle out. Finally, it came to Anton Orlovskiy's mind just like it did to Dmitriy Mendeleev, the inventor of the Periodic Law, when he saw his periodic table of elements in the night dream."

SED Formula Student UGRA"s staff is planning to has the installation finished by end of the year followed by a series of dry runs and competing in the 'Formula Student' Racing Championships.

English version by Azat Garipov.
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Photo by Nadezhda Afonina & Max Meng.