On October 19, the Yugra High Technology Park hosted the final of the UMNIK Young Researchers Contest to decide on the 500,000 roubles grant holder. There were five YUSU delegates who could make it to the final stage and present their projects to the jury in 2 sections.

Section 1. Advanced Equipment and Hardware Systems.

Nizam Keramov, 'Smart House' System Development;
Aleksandr Paramzin, Software and Hardware Forecasting System Development for Submersible Electric Motor Lifespan;
Ekaterina Semenova, Monitoring Hardware System Development for Power Transformer Under Load.

Section 2. Advanced Materials and Development Technology.

Sergey Chumak, Drilling Mud-based Mullite Refractories;
Denis Yagovitin, Peat-based Drilling Reagent Development Technology.

In 2016 the UMNIK Contest regulations were subject to change. In particular, the age limit was extended to 30 years-old and the total funding for projects raised up to 500,000 roubles. New benefits brought new obligations to be imposed on researchers. Now the contest awardees are required within 2 years to present the project outputs besides the due report.

The projects assessment criteria have also been modified. Researchers in the final stage shall reason the jury not just into the scientific novelty of the project but commercialization potential, attractiveness for partners, and possible intellectual property copyright as well. In other words, every given project shall be considered to be a prospective innovation product that with due funding will be competitive in the domestic and international markets and contribute to the state economy.

English version by Azat Garipov.
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