October 20, YUSU held an initial stage of the public discussion on the 2017–2021 University Strategic Development Program. Tatiana Karminskaya, the Rector of Yugra State University, told a press conference about key points of the University Strategic Development Plan, with Roman Kuchin, Vice-rector for Academic Affairs, and Andrey Martynenko, Vice-rector for Research and International Affairs also to take questions from the press.

The rector recognized the program to be closely coupled with the 2030 Social and Economic Development Strategy of the Khanty-Mansiysk AO and to be in line with modern times and economic demands.

– The university sets a new mission, – the rector said. – That is to lay the intellectual groundwork for advanced development in Yugra, to shape mindsets and develop competencies in the young generation so as to let them manage the life trajectory, successfully integrate into expert and academic community and socially significant projects.

From now on the strategic mission reads as follow: "Formation of the university as a competitive academic, expert-analytical and socio-cultural center, integrated into academic networks of national and international levels and into the system of regional corporate partnership, in the following fields: integrated Arctic engineering, applied environmental and Northern studies".

The program was presented as a slideshow, with each slide to introduce seven development areas: Education, Science, Innovations, Social activism, Human resources, Campus and Management.

– Yugra State University appears in the entrants' eyes as a modern secure educational space to develop personality and expertise in students. Since September, 1 the university has introduced modular education for bachelor degrees. It means the disciplines of universal competences are implemented in all academic programs. While the disciplines and practices of general professional competencies are divided into applied and advanced ones, to be added with elective courses. Now students can manage their educational tracks picking the disciplines to study. Our talented youth will not just study, conduct researches, work in real-life projects, but will also create jobs, – Mrs. Karminskaya remarked during the meeting.

– We design the program, discuss it with our colleagues, involve students, make amendments. Today we are speaking with you, the media, about the university development within the next 5 years, are considering any comments and suggestions. The next step is a public debate session with authorities, business and public community, – rector Tatiana Karminskaya concluded the conference.

English version by Azat Garipov.
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