The university rector Tatiana Karminskaya have met the Student Council representatives to open a series of events to celebrate the 16th University Foundation Day.

– It is interesting to sit on the Student Council. This is a responsible duty but still, an interesting one, – the rector's address to the audience was when she opened the joint session with the students.

The meeting discussed all the concerns and proposals the students suggested previously: from economic to workaday issues. Mrs. Karminskaya came up with the proposal to establish student service units and a student committee to perform education quality assessment.

– I have been thinking over the education quality assessment for quite a while, – Anna Panasenko, YUSU Joint Student Council's President commented on the proposal. – To do so, we just need some skills and to get an insight into the work we could manage. It feels embarrassing to lecture teachers about do's and dont's. Now when the rector has made it clear, I consider the Council can deal with that. We plan to begin with an anonymous quality assessment survey among our students. As for the service units, I suppose this is a good thing, in particular, in summer time, as many students seek for employment.

English version by Azat Garipov.
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